The Social Panorama Model
is a psychological instrument with which
we can change our unconscious map of social reality.


Lucas Derks and Marja-Leena Savimäki have worked together for over 15 years
with Social Panorama Consultant trainings.
Their co-operation has continued with the trainings
in Finnish only by Marja-Leena Savimäki
in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Next training in Finnish is 18.-20.5.2018 and 8.-10.6.2018
in Vantaa, Finland

Lucas Derks
in Finland again in 2018,
Depression and Personality in Mental Space.

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Photo: Pirjo Kaskisola

Marja-Leena Savimäki

is NLP Trainer and Certified Social Panorama Consultant.
She works as a trainer and a coach for groups and
individuals in her own company.
She has been studying, developing
and applying Sospan at her work since 1997.
She has been co-operating with Lucas Derks
and has arranged his trainings in Finland.

She established
The Finnish Socialpanorama Centre in 2008
to co-ordinate her Social Panorama trainings
and coachings.

She is now also the first Finnish Fellow Member Trainer IANLP.

Marja-Leena Savimäki
tel.+358 50 574 0080

Social Panorama Trainer

Marja-Leena Savimäki Muutosvalmennus,

Picture by Lucas Derks

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Lucas Derks
developed the 'Social Panorama Model'
as a tool to analyse and improve human relations.

Social psychologist, trainer and researcher,
was born and lives in the Netherlands.
He studied art school and psychology.

He is mainly working as a trainer
for psychotherapists, trainers, mediators,
conflict coaches, managers and dentists.

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NLP Mielilehti 4/2007

Breaking the code of social relations


  • about The Social Panorama Model
  • and the author of book
    'Social Panoramas -changing the unconscious landscape
    with NLP and psychotherapy
  • and all the names of
    certified Social Panorama Consultants.

video produced by Lucas Derks :
Mental Space Psychology - An Emerging Paradigm